Every business owner knows that word-of-mouth is the best source of new business. That's why at Lions Gate Wealth Management, LLC, we are happy to say that 95% of our new clients were referred to us by our existing clients. We know this speaks volumes to the level of commitment we have to our clients and their trust in us. We are proud that the services we offer foster such loyalty in our clients that they routinely recommend us to their family and friends.

At Lions Gate WM we use a consultative process to establish client objectives, create investment strategy, implement the investment process, and monitor overall client success. This focus helps us to keep emotions in check and make investment decisions that are based on long-term objectives and not daily market fluctuations. It is our belief that we should take as much risk as we need to achieve our goals . . . and no more. We try to take as much emotion as possible out of the equation because we realize that as humans we tend to "fight or flight" when faced with stress or uncertainty. Our basic philosophy is to provide consistent growth while focusing on driving down risk. We use modern portfolio theory as a basis for all we do . . . asset allocation, diversification, and rebalancing are central themes. Another emphasis we have is on helping to create secure retirement income; we do this through our retirement income process.  With this tool we strive to help clients build income streams that can be counted on even when the markets are performing poorly and to understand exactly how much money they need to save/build in order to reach their retirement goals.

Getting started: The first step is to schedule an initial consultation with one of our financial advisors. We start our process with two meetings that last about 1-2 hours each. These meetings are held at a convenient location: our office, in your home, or at your local Starbucks, for example.

Meeting One Objectives:

   * Collect as much information as possible about your goals, resources, and objectives.

   * Create a personalized action plan to serve as your individual/family road map.

   * Provide an initial introduction to modern portfolio theory and some of the basic investment terminology.

Meeting Two Objectives:

   * Review the action plan and go over its recommendations.

   * Make sure that each of the strategies have been explained thoroughly.

   * Answer all client questions.

Once a prospective client decides to partner with Lions Gate WM, we start by determining our/your first steps within the action plan. Three to five initial objectives are usually implemented within the first 180 day period. After that, we begin a six-month review process. Your personal financial advisor will meet with you on a routine basis, preferably face to face. In addition to this process, our financial advisors and staff are always available to answer questions and meet with clients as needed.